The Sandbagger App

The Sandbagger golf handicap calculator and tracker for Android calculates your handicap using the USGA golf handicap formula. It is so easy to use even your grandma can get a USGA calculated golf handicap.

Sandbagger Features:

  • You will need to enter 5 scores to get a USGA calculated handicap.
  • Enter a courses slope and rating once and it is kept for eternity.
  • Edit a courses Name, Rating and Slope anytime.
  • Add Score: Simple – Select your course and enter your score.
  • View all scores entered.
  • Create a golf group
    • Invite your friends to join your group.
    • View all group members? handicaps from the first tee before you get sandbagged.
  • Registering or login to the app gives you automatic premium membership to

Your handicap is not only accessible from this app but you may also login to your handicap information on the web at Internet connection or data connection required. Sandbagger Golf Handicap Calculator has no advertisements.

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