GofersCap FAQ’s

Q: Is there a maximum score on a single hole that should be used in calculating a handicap?
A: This is referred to as Equitable Stroke Control. Since The Sandbagger does not require you to enter your score for every hole it does not apply this for you. You should apply this yourself and enter your adjusted total score.
The maximum hole score (currently Equitable Stroke Control or ESC) for each player will be a Net Double Bogey. Net Double Bogey is Par + 2 + any handicap strokes the player receives.

Q: We only want the GolfersCap to keep track of handicaps for our course. Can it be modified to fit our needs?
A: Yes we can modify the GolfersCap to meet your requirements.

Q: If I change the slope and rating for a course will this be reflected on previous scores?
A: No, a handicap index is calculated at time of entry with the slope and rating at the time of entry. If you put in a score with the wrong score and rating best to delete the score and re-enter it. You can still keep the correct round date.

Q: I sometimes only play 9 holes can I enter this into the handicap system.
A: Slope and Rating are usually calculated for a full 18 of a course. Entering a score for nine holes will make your handicap incorrect.